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Investigating the Invisible: Pointing to the Light
with: Pastor Allen Sudmann
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Pizza Pizza Laugha Laugha

Joey Ilo

Join us Oct. 15 to hear Joey Ilo, one of the funniest comedians today!

Doors open at 5:45
Cost: $6 in advance

Call for tickets or information 810-653-2484
Click here for posters, large flyer, or small flyers.



Fall Ministries

Fall sceanThere are many ways to serve the body of Christ this fall. We are in need of:

      • C3 Group Leaders
      • ROTC Leaders
      • Noah's Park Patrol
      • Cleaning Help for August

Mops is Coming to DMC!

Mops logo

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

First and third Thursday of each month from 9am-11:30am - beginning in Sept.

To join or become a caregiver email Jamie at



Global Prayer Needs

Missionary Church Global Prayer Network

MIDDLE EAST. Percentage wise, more radical/jihadist Muslims are coming to the Lord than any other group among Muslims. (This is a great answer to prayer!) (International Prayer Council)

MIDDLE EAST. “ISIS is systematically going house to house to all the Christians and asking the children to denounce Jesus. So far not one child has, and all have consequently been killed. But not the parents. These brave parents instilled such a fervent faith in their children that they chose martyrdom. Please surround (those parents) with your prayers.” (Blair Cook)

ISLAMIC STATE. Tent churches are going on everywhere. Christians are praying for their neighborhoods. Within a few weeks, 128 families put their trust in Jesus for their salvation. Twelve of those families were Muslims. “With all their large needs and difficult situations, they thank the Lord for the indwelling Christ in their hearts.” (Christian Aid Mission)

AIRPORT. “Thank you for praying for me. I am on my way to Athens, Greece for a gathering of our Campus Crusade operations leaders. Many of these men and women are leaders in their native countries. All of us are committed to using our skills to build God’s kingdom and bring others to a personal relationship with Jesus.” (Mark Hallsten)

PRESIDENT OBAMA. Pray for President Obama like never before! He is president during one of the most dangerous times for America and the world. He needs our fervent prayers every day. Ask God to give him godly wisdom and bold courage to be an effective commander-in-chief in this time of war. (Arizona Ten Thousand)

IRAQ. Pray for Iraqi believers to take responsibility for their nation in prayer, and to receive a fresh boldness instead of fear (many struggle with depression, fear, hopelessness). (Jericho Walls)

WORLD. Tuesday, October 7, is Campus Crusade for Christ’s semi-annual World-Wide Day of Prayer. Ask Almighty God to keep all 26,000 of us globally in step with Him for completion of Christ’s Great Commission. (CRU)

Missionary Church Global Prayer Network

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