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Investigating the Invisible: Holy Spirit, Real like Fire
with: Pastor Allen Sudmann
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Journey to Bethlehem

Journey to Bethlehem Announcement

Join us for this free indoor living nativity.

Dec. 6, 3-7pm
Dec. 7, 3-7pm

You will be entertained by talented muscians from the area while you wait for your personal guide to take you on this touching journey.



FREE Children's Carnival

Children's Carnival LogoFor kids ages 3 to 6th grade.

Oct. 29, 6:30-8:00pm
Doors open at 6:15pm

Huge inflatables, games, prizes, candy, ice cream, popcorn! Wear appropriate costumes; bring your friends!

Mops is Coming to DMC!

Mops logo

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

First and third Thursday of each month from 9am-11:30am - beginning in Sept.

To join or become a caregiver email Jamie at



Global Prayer Needs

Missionary Church Global Prayer Network

AFGHANISTAN. The Pashtun people number over 30 million, and the Taliban militants are included in that number. A Christian radio ministry had been broadcasting for years to the Pashtun, receiving about 60 responses a month. When thousands of churches in Latin America began praying for this ethnic group, the radio program began receiving hundreds and then thousands of responses each month. Broadcasts are asking for help with follow-up. (ANS)

AUSTRIA. 10,000 believers marched for Jesus on September in Vienna. 12,000 gathered in the main square singing and praising God in a Christian Festival. “I was shocked and amazed,” one worker said. “Things like that just don’t happen here...” (Lori Lloyd, Momentum Europe, CRU)

ISRAEL. “We are now hearing of a huge number of Muslims who are receiving Yeshua as their Savior—especially in Iran, Egypt, and among Syrian refugee camps. Arab Christians are being used mightily in this (ingathering).” (Intercessors for America)

UKRAINE. Ukraine has been struggling with turmoil since late last year. Families have had to move from life-long homes to safer areas in order to protect their lives. But in the midst of this upheaval, God is doing some great things. One is the “Pass It On” project which is developing leadership skills of student leaders and volunteers in one or more cities. Pray for the staff as they trust God in (humanly) impossible situations. (Momentum Europe, CRU)


NIGERIA. The militant terrorist group, Boko Haram, has agreed with Nigeria’s military on a cease-fire, and to free more than 200 school girls they kidnapped last Spring. Pray as these leaders negotiate details in the next few weeks. (Assist News Service)

KOREA. Leaders of both North and South Korea are scheduled to discuss improved relations in this divided country in the next few weeks. Ask God to prepare His people for a possible opening of the border to the Gospel of Christ! (Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin)

PAKISTAN. The Pakistani High Court of Lahore confirmed on October 16 that Mrs. Asia Bibi will hang for so-called blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. Her crime was to share her faith in Christ Jesus, and to inquire of fellow-workers what Muhammad had done for them. Ask God to reverse this verdict, restore this mother to her family, and continue her witness. (ANS)

ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAN AND SYRIA (ISIS). Call on the Lord to deliver nations from genocidal atrocities and bring good governments to the Middle East. Pray for a vast spreading of the Gospel to every family, village, tribe, and language on earth!

USA. Join Christians across the nation in prayer for righteous outcomes in all of our coming election! Pray for a return to Christ in our American way of life.

Missionary Church Global Prayer Network

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